Mission, Vision and Goals

The mission is to inspire communities to nurture, empower, and engage youth in cultivating their relationship with nature. 

The vision is a world in which all children play, learn, and grow with nature in their everyday lives. 

Six strategic goals have been established to implement the mission.  Strategic action items are to be identified in the annual plan of work for each goal.  An action item will be designated a project when someone is willing to be the project leader and some resources are available for that project.

The six goals are:
  1. Increase public awareness of the value of nature and outdoor experiences.
  2. Enhance schools’ ability to connect children to nearby nature.
  3. Partner with community groups to value, promote and provide opportunities for outdoor experiences.
  4. Drive changes in attitudes, skills and behaviors that lead to positive relationships with nature.
  5. Promote learning, sharing and networking.
  6. Build a sustainable organization to support our mission.