Partners and Members

The Collaborative is organized to support organizations and individuals who provide nature education, serve children, and support children’s nature experiences in San Diego.  Membership is open to all, and “Partners” are organizations that have made a commitment to enhance nature opportunities for children in San Diego.  Learn more about each partner in the FindPartners list on the right.

The Collaborative serves four principal audiences:

  • Nature education providers (partners, naturalists, other participants in SDCaN actions)
  • Children/youth program providers, the employers and professional associations of educators, child-care professionals, and those who provide nature places and spaces (including teachers, pediatric health professionals, after-school and youth program managers, family program organizers, design professionals, and others)
  • Community leaders (media, elected officials, key businesses and organizations, potential donors and advocates)
  • General public, including San Diego’s families (lower priority)

A SDCaN Collaborative Partner is an organization or individual who provides outdoor nature place(s) and/or outdoor nature program(s) designed and marketed to children and families anywhere in San Diego County. 

A Contributing Partner is either an organization or individual who provides in-kind support, including donated staff time, meeting space, heavily discounted professional services, etc. that might otherwise be financially compensated.

The Collaborative appreciates in-kind support from the Girl Scouts of San Diego-Imperial Council for meeting rooms on many occasions; from Mission Trails Regional Park, San Diego Audubon Society, San Diego Botanic Garden, and others for hosting general meetings; and for many local professionals who have generously shared their experiences and wisdom with other Collaborative members.

A Sponsoring Partner is either an organization or individual who provides chiefly financial support to SDCaN, and is recognized by prominent logo placement on funded project deliverables and website.

In October 2009, the Collaborative was awarded a $100,000 grant from the Sempra Energy Foundation to support the establishment of Family Nature Clubs, Nearby Nature School Field Trip Program and guidebook, communications strategy and community asset mapping, website redesign, speakers’ bureau, learning workshops, organizational development, and evaluation. Grants were received in 2010 from the Sempra Energy Foundation for Family Nature Days in 2011 and media coverage for the website launch, and from the USDA Forest Service for factors affecting decision-making for children’s nature experiences. 

A Member is any individual who signs up to receive information from the Collaborative. The primary avenues for membership acquisition will be through sign-in sheets at meetings or by subscribing to the SDCaN Member email list on the website.  Sign up here.

An Organizational Member has interest, intent, and resources to support the mission of the Collaborative.