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Our Mission:

To ensure that all students, regardless of their financial ability, have access to the quality outdoor education programs provided by the San Diego County Office of Education since 1946.

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We believe that outdoor education provides students with an opportunity to connect with nature, learn hands-on science, achieve personal growth, and develop a commitment to environmental stewardship and community service. We believe outdoor education provides a better future for our students, our communities, and our world.

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Outdoor Education Foundation .
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Programs and Services

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We support the Outdoor Schools, Green Machine, Slash Science Lab and marine Lab.
The San Diego Office of Education has operated its Outdoor School program since 1946. With two camp locations, Camp Cuyamaca and Camp Palomar, the Outdoor School program provides 6th grade students with a unique opportunity to study earth sciences in the natural environment, while also participating in activities that develop youth social skills, leadership and self-esteem. Both students and teachers leave Outdoor School knowing more about the natural world and themselves.
The Green Machine is a hands-on science interactive learning program aligned with the California Science content standards, brought directly to the schools designed for 3rd and 4th grade levels. The Green Machine also provides schools assistance in starting their own school garden. To schedule a Green Machine visit for your school, afters-chool or camp program
Splash is a completely self-contained mobile laboratory delivered directly to the schools and designed for young, scientific minds. Students role play as scientists as they explore the key factors contributing to water quality and to the quality of biological life. The scientists are divided into groups to conduct a scientific investigation about how water pollution affects the environment and wildlife.
The Marine Science Lab program is a half-day field trip conducted in the San Diego Bay on a boat outfitted with oceanographic equipment specifically for student use. All marine science activities incorporate major components of the state science framework. Students explore the bay while receiving hands-on learning about oceanography, study marine organisms, and increase their knowledge of the marine environment.

Grade K-3, Grade 4-6, Grade 7-8

Our foundation supports the outdoor education programs administered by the San Diego County office of Education