San Dieguito River Park
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Established in 1989 by a Joint Powers Authority by the County of San Diego and the Cities of Del Mar, Escondido, Poway, Solana Beach, and San Diego, the San Dieguito River Park is a regional open space greenway and natural park system that stretches from the San Dieguito Lagoon located in San Diego and Del Mar, through the San Pasqual Agricultural Preserve near Lake Hodges, and to the source of the San Dieguito River at Ironside Spring atop Volcan Mountain in Julian. The vision of the River Park reflects a commitment to protect the area's sensitive plant communities, wildlife habitat and corridors, cultural history, and water resources within the San Dieguito Watershed -- approximately 346 square miles and 94,000 acres -- and to provide meaningful open space recreation areas and educational outreach for public enjoyment. River Park visitors have a unique opportunity to experience San Diego County's biodiversity up close year-round on the trails, through Park-sponsored activities, special programs, and volunteer events. We encourage and promote positive nature connections through environmental literacy for students of all ages.

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Established in 1989, the San Dieguito River Park is a regional greenway that stretches over 55 miles from Volcan Mountain near Julian to the ocean between Del Mar and Solana Beach, providing striking examples of San Diego County's natural beauty along the corridors of the San Dieguito River. The River Park cooperates with many partners, including government agencies, non-profit organizations, and citizens, to purchase and preserve land, sheltering an amazing amount of biodiversity in Southern California's rapidly changing landscape. With more than half of its 94,000-acre planning area in public ownership, the River Park aims to protect the sensitive plant communities, wildlife habitat, cultural history, and water resources within the San Dieguito Watershed and provide compatible recreational opportunities for hikers, mountain bikers, and equestrians on multi-use trails. Once completed, the Coast to Crest Trail will span the entire length of the Park and link to preserved open space lands in the north, south, and east.

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The San Dieguito River Park supports nature education through special hands-on activities, ongoing outdoor programs, and community based volunteer work projects, all designed to foster both environmental stewardship and personal involvement; and to encourage discovery and exploration through recreation and enrichment. Engaging youth in resource conservation and restoration -- trail maintenance, tree planting, bird counts, water quality monitoring -- provides unique up-close opportunities to learn about the delicate balance that exists between native habitat and human development. The River Park works with elementary schools and high school students, scout groups, and families, offering learning experiences that supplement classroom and other curriculum-related activities by integrating nearby nature. Park programs highlight significant ways in which junior naturalists can make a difference through awareness, understanding, and action. Connecting children to the natural world through bird watching, making native seed balls, aplanting and weeding, and taking ranger-led hikes, is of ecological value to all.

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The San Dieguito River Park is a model for open space preservation and provides a variety of educational and recreational opportunities.