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Master Gardeners provide research based information on gardening, non-commercial horticulture and pest management to residents of San Diego County. We serve as consultants to more than 260 county schools to advise and assist educators to incorporate gardening and nature into the school curriculum for grades K-12. We maintain an extensive website featuring the 'Plant a Seed, Watch it Grow' web guide, one dozen fully prepared 'Presentations' geared to educating volunteers, activity guides for students and marketing for community support of the garden and, a complete list of Grant Opportunities available for school gardens. The site also includes Quarterly newsletters about school gardens at San Diego County schools and includes links to school specific curriculum materials and projects where available.

General Information

Master Gardeners of San Diego was formed in 1983 and currently has a membership of 250 volunteers. Certification requires 70 hours of training in home horticulture and upon completion volunteers must meet annual requirements for continuing education and specific volunteer hours. Our members reach the community through a variety of activities including staffing a hotline for phone and email inquiries from home gardeners, work with grades K-12 throughout the county to integrate the garden into the school curriculum, hold annual educational seminars on garden and pest management topics, staff an outreach booth at events countywide and publish a quarterly newsletter sent to more that 5500 gardeners about pertinent and timely horticultural topics.

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San Diego Master Gardeners
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Renee Tepper, President

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The Master Gardener Association of San Diego County School Garden Committee encourages and assists teachers and parent volunteers in starting and maintaining gardens at their respective schools. Today, our membership has over 60 Master Gardeners who will act as school consultants in their geographic residential areas. These MGs work with teachers and parents to advise and assist children with their garden projects.

'Plant a Seed, Watch it Grow' : This guide was developed to help teachers in San Diego County start and maintain a school garden with their students.
It is also meant to help integrate the garden into the curriculum in support of the California State Standards. Although it was written as a guide for teachers, it has information that may be of benefit to parents and their children. Please keep in mind that this guide was written for San Diego County. If you live outside of San Diego County, some of the information may not apply to your location.

Work on the book version started in 1998 when the School Garden Committee began a three year project to research and write what would become the book, Plant A Seed, Watch It Grow. A free copy of the book was sent to every public and private school in San Diego County, over 780 schools, with the cost funded by the Master Gardener Association of San Diego County. Additional copies were sold to individuals, to local community colleges where it has been used as a text book, and to Master Gardener organizations in other California counties.

The web version allowed us to update the guide, add many illustrative photographs, and provide numerous links to other web site resources. We would not have been able to pull the web guide together in the last year without the work done to develop the original book.

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Master Gardeners is a volunteer, non-profit, service organization that provides research based information on gardening, non-comercial home horticulture and pest management to residents of SD County.