Friends of Rose Canyon
Mission Statement

Our mission is to protect, preserve and restore Rose Canyon and the Rose Creek watershed. Our education programs provide opportunities for kids to explore and learn about nature in Rose Canyon Open Space Park Preserve. For our guided walks for elementary school groups, we divide the students into small groups, each with its own guide. For Grade 4 and up we offer the option of bird walks; we provide binoculars for all students and teach them how to use them. We also offer guided walks for scout groups and other groups by request. We offer guided walks for middle and high school students led by experts in a variety of areas (birds, insects, spiders, plants, etc.). In conjunction with our programs in Rose Canyon, we offer in-class presentations with taxidermied animals from Rose Canyon and nearby areas to teach children about native wildlife. For the general public, we offer a variety of nature exploration programs appropriate for both adults and children. We also work with high school students on native plant restoration programs.

General Information

We are a grassroots non-profit organization. Joining is free at You will receive email notice of our upcoming events and about ways you can help protect and preserve Rose Canyon. Most of our programs are free, although we welcome and encourage donations, which are tax-deductible.

Contact Information

6804 Fisk Avenue
San Diego, CA 92122

Phone: 858-597-0220
Web Site:

Deborah Knight

Programs and Services

Education - Environmental, Habitat Restoration

Guided walks for students K-12
Guided walks for scouts and other groups
Guided walks and other nature events for the general public
In-class presentations for students K-12
Native plant restoration activities for students

Grade K-3, Grade 4-6, Grade 7-8, High School, All Ages

We provide guided walks and other nature events for the general public and for school, scout and other groups by request.