The San Diego River Park Foundation
Mission Statement

The vision of the San Diego River Park is a greenbelt from the mountains to the ocean along the 52 mile long San Diego River. This greenbelt is really a trail system and a clean and healthy river system which connects a diversity of parks, open spaces, public places and community facilities spread out along the length of the River.

The San Diego River Park Foundation is working to achieve this goal by partnering with government agencies such as the San Diego River Conservancy, business and civic leaders and a wide range of public organizations. By promoting stewardship of the River and promoting a better understanding of the River's natural systems, the San Diego River Park Foundation is endeavoring to enhance the quality of life in San Diego.

San Diego River Park Foundation works with community groups and other organizations dedicated to the San Diego River and the River Park and its wildlife, recreation, water, cultural and community values to better engage the public in this project. We support projects which help to establish the river-long park such as restoring and enhancing the river, establishing public plazas and community gardens, and telling the story of the river through interpretive programs, kiosks and educational signage, and more. We also work to acquire and manage critical properties which play an important role in creating the River Park.

We are dedicated to making this project a truly treasured regional asset that is valued by all members of our community. We welcome and encourage everyone who is interested to join us in this effort.

General Information

Our organization organizes over 300 volunteer events each year including river cleanup and habitat restoration projects, community native plant gardening projects, science based water and habitat monitoring, community murals and more. We work towards building stewardship of our river and its natural resources by involving the public in working toward a brighter future for the river and our local ecology. In 2010, we organized over 20,000 hours of volunteer service across our many programs with many repeat volunteers who give their time in service to the river and our organization every week.

Contact Information

4891 Pacific Highway #114
San Diego, CA 92110

County of San

Phone: 619.297.7380
Web Site:

Richard Dhu

Programs and Services

Conservation Programs, Education - Environmental, Education - Outdoor, Habitat Restoration, Natural Space or Park Management, Recreation

The San Diego River Park Foundation believes in facilitating a wide variety of volunteer opportunities for people of all ages and skill levels. Some of our project sites and project types are more appropriate for children than others but all are welcomed to join us.
Some of our more child appropriate programs are:
Friends of the River Mouth Restoration
Gardening at the Point Loma Native Plant Garden, the Edgemoor Native Plant Garden and the San Diego River Garden.
and Community river art mural projects.

All Ages

We are dedicated to the restoration of the San Diego River and creation of the 52-mile River Park and Trail System. We work to build stewardship of the river by facilitating a large variety of volunteer opportunities that are, educational, meaningful and effective in restoring the San Diego River's h.